This is a picture of water gap fencing being drug down with debris. Eventually, if not protected with the Water Gap Saver,​the fence will give way resulting in water surge, soil erosion and costly repairs.

The user must have one of

the anchoring points in the

direction of the flow of water

​This video shows electric fencing released from the Water Gap Saver, allowing debris to continue downstream. Notice the fence is floating freely with very little debris on it. The entire fence line remains charged, keeping your livestock  safe and contained.

The pictures above and below, show the Water Gap Saver anchoring down an electric fence. If your electric water gap fencing is plugged with debris or washed out, you have lost power to your entire fence line.

The Water Gap Saver

fits easily over the

three most common 

tee-posts on the market, rebar or pipe.

The Water Gap saver is designed to fit the three most common sizes of tee posts on the market today, but can also fit over rebar or pipe. With a six point anchoring system, the user positions one of the anchoring points in the same direction as the flow of water, the need to drive a new tee-post is greatly reduced.

The  Water Gap Saver also prevents ground-outs on electric fencing. Before, when water gaps filled up with debris during a storm, your electric fence would ground-out and livestock would roam freely through an inoperative fence. With the Water Gap Saver, your electric fence remains up and running.

The Water Gap Saver has a 'lock-on-off' pin feature giving the user the option to lock their Water Gap Saver during the off season when rain and flooding are unlikely to occur. A wire tag line can be attached to the pin and run over to the bank of the water gap to release the Water Gap Saver so that the user is no longer forced to wade into moving water, keeping you safe and dry.  

The Water Gap is obviously not a remedy for fence crossings in extremely high flood areas. If flood waters move higher than the top of your fencing, there is nothing on the market that can protect your fence and  environment from damage.

Water Gap Saver Description and Usage

​In this picture you see water gap fencing being protected by the Water Gap Saver. The fence is held securely until debris builds up. At that time the Water Gap Saver releases the fence allowing debris to pass undernrath.

Here you can see the water gap fencing has released from the Water Gap Saver. The debris was allowed to flow underneath the fencing, instead of building up and obstructing the natural flow of the water.